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Harvard University
School of Public Health
Francis Xavier Bagnoud Building*

Boston, MA

This challenging project is a seven story, 104,000 square foot research and academic building. The construction site is limited by the existing Buildings
#1 and #2 of the School of Public Health and Huntington Avenue, thus creating a triangle-shaped site. The building was also designed to allow Building #2 to receive three additional stories
in the future. Reinforcement of the building for the future addition had to be performed during the construction of this building, since the new building
renders the face of the Building #2 inaccessibele. The mezzanine over the main entrance area hangs from the new large span roof structure. The existing research laboratories which were functional during the entire construction precluded the addition of any new supports required for the mezzanine support. The building is framed in structural steel with composite concrete floors. Lateral force resisting system consists of ordinary moment frames.

Architect: Payette Associates
cOmpleted: 1996

* Completed as principal in charge at Souza, True and Partners, Inc.